a 23-year-old shorty from A Pretty Place, Ireland

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"Experience Is Thee Most Brutal Teacher."

I .. Like To Write.

Its Fun And Im Inexperienced But I'll Grow.

I've Decided I Will Be In Journalism, I'll Study Here In Ireland But I'll Leave For Canada Or The Beautiful United States.

I Know Everybodys Influences Are Some Sort Of Author, Poet, Maybe A Friend, Maybe Family Of Some Sort Or Maybe A Lover But To Be Perfectly Indifferent.. Mine Are People Like Me, People Of Whatever Age Starting Out With There Own Little Fictions Or Personal Storys, Ya Know Whatever Because No Matter What, They Will Be Creative, They Will Scribble And Type And Become Emotional, Angry, Extatic, Upset, Excited And Proud Of Whatever Perfect Nonsense There Pretty Little Heads Come Up With.

Anyway, Read What I'v Got If Your In The Mood As You Just Might Like It :o

(:  M.

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