a 36-year-old girl from Sao Paulo, Brazil

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"“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited.” by Albert Einstein -------------------------------------“Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans” by John Lennon."

Hi there! 

Me, myself and I?? Definitely the most difficult piece of writing there`s to do…let`s see… 

#1: I guess I`m an observer. I love to watch people living their lives, daily situations…and write about them. I`m the kind of person who gives fake names and imagines a whole fictional life of other people on the doctor`s office while waiting for my appointment. Probably I`m the craziest person on the room :), or at least I`m quite able to create fun by myself!! 

#2: I love words and I love reading. I read everything there`s in front of me, from shoe boxes, restaurant flyers and bad comic books to extensive novels.  

#3: I`m always doing something. And I mean it. Whether I`m working or I`m studying or I`m taking care of the house. I wish I spent more time doing NOTHING. Or at least writing…so I could post more stuff here.    

#4: I love writing in English. I find it very challenging and delicious because it requires extra attention to the choice of words. Although I love it, I don`t have the time 

#5: I love technology, gadgets, Internet and all kinds of collaborative and social communities.  

Favourite authors:

·      At the moment: Stephenie Meyer. I finished recently the Twilight Saga, which I took for granted when I got the first one as a gift. I was absolutely in love with it by the time I got to page 20. I finished the 4 books in 6 weeks – just couldn`t put the books down! My congrats to Stephenie!!

·      Brazilian authors: Machado de Assis, Nelson Rodrigues

·      From all times: J.K. Rowlling, Shakespeare, Conn Iggulden, Dostoievski…there`s a big list here, popular ones, classical ones…  

Feel free to contact me to chat, exchange ideas, make questions about vacationing thru Brazil… 

:D I`ll be glad to answer!

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