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"Solitude is as needful to the imagination as society is wholesome for the character." ~James Russel Lowell

Michaela-Jake Felicity Marcs Reynolds

...but you can call me MJ :)

As a twenty-one-year-old English writer, my head is full of ideas and 'what if's. What if someone were to do this? How would others react? Would it make a good story? These 'what if's somehow make their way from my head and onto Word and then, subsequently, online.


Currently returning after an excruciatingly long absense from the world of Protagonize, but sincerely hoping to pull out some real corkers for you all to experience and, hopefully, enjoy.



Playing Cards Fifteen-year-old Casey Stewart has the shock of her life when she finds out that she's pregnant. Unsure of what to do, she finds it hard to come to terms with it and keeps the pregnancy a secret from everyone she knows and loves; including Ben, the father of her child.

Chess Pieces Sequel to Playing Cards. Casey Stewart's life is finally starting to show some normality. She is able to have a growing bond with her child, her relationship with Ben is at it's strongest and her life is generally under control. But everything changes when one person decides that he wants Casey all to himself.



Dominoes Sister story to Playing Cards and Chess Pieces. Now eighteen, and legally an adult, Casey is finally able to take matters into her own hands and fulfill the dream of having James living at home with her permanently. However, things aren't as simple as she might like them to be. With tempers rising and old flames causing havoc, Casey and Ben's relationship will once again be put to the test. Final edition to three-part series.

The Candidates The new and improved Hannah Graham is a strong-minded, independent and confident woman. But after taking a leap and leaving all that she once knew for the pursuits of a career as a professional writer in London's West End, has she bitten off more than she can chew? And what about the complicated love triangle that she's managed to trap herself into? Or would it be better to say square? Will picking the right candidate to give her heart to be as simple as she'd originally anticipated?

Twenty-Something  It was just another ordinary Tuesday for Anna Samson in the restaurant until she was introduced to the young, charming and mysterious French man, Marc Beal. Since that meeting, her life will soon change for the better. But at what cost?



Doctor Who: Jigsaw [ON HOLD INDEFINATELY] (Hannah Kensington) a Doctor Who fan fiction collab following the eleventh doctor on his travels with all new companions, enemies and aliens.

AUTHORS: jamm, MichaelaJakeReynolds, VictoriaGlass, ImprintedHeart and JSimmons.

Romance for the Emotionally Vacant [ON HOLD INDEFINATELY] (Sophia Talen / Roxy) When you're hired by someone to do a job properly, it's best not to fall in love with them, else risk the mess and heartache that comes as an added bonus. Love is for shmucks and the hopeless romantics, not for a night club owner and a prostitute.  -- Categorized as MATURE

AUTHORS: MichaelaJakeReynolds and jamm



The Morgan School: For Ill-Mannered Daughters [STATUS SUBJECT TO CHANGE] Jennifer O'Connell is a very difficult person to try and control. With lack of communication between she and her celebrity parents, she had become reserved and emotionally distant. When her parents are suddenly killed in a tragic accident, the only place she can go is the boarding school her great-aunt is head mistress to where she will learn how to become a proper young lady. However, Jennifer has other plans that will throw her great-aunt's plans straight out of the window.

Disobeying Mother When Lizzie hears of her mothers plans of marrying her off to a wealthy suiter, she is horrified. She doesn't understand her mothers traditional views of women and marriage and does not wish to follow in her footsteps. In order to save what is left of her freedom, she must find a way to get out of this arrangement whilst under the watchful eye of her mother. -- Categorized as MATURE

CRAZY! ~ English Project A poem made up only using words found in Carol Ann Duffy's poem 'Stealing' as part of an exercise in my Year 11 GCSE English Literature class.

I was named... contribution to the exercise What's your name?

You know you're addicted to Facebook when... contribution to the exercise You know you're a writer when...

Something Strange Has Happened contribution to the exercise Baby Protagonizers

a moment's thought... contribution to the exercise Challenge: A Moment In Your Day

The reasoning for my doing... contribution to the exercise Freewriting

Listening makes all the difference. contribution to the exercise A Girl's Guide to Girls... For Guys!

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