a 22-year-old dudette from the awesome cloud gardens

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"It's like a, paranoia looking over my back- It's like a, whirl wind inside of my head- it's like a, can't stop what I'm feeling within- It's like the face inside- it's right- beneath my skin." Papercut - Linkin Park.

Hello world! im another writer =D

Basically i love writing, it's just what i do, along with art.

I started writing a very long time ago... in Year 6, i think, so i was 10-11 years old XD and my first huge book type thing was about three girls with three diffrent diary enteries who lived in a made-up place called Sunhill in Malibu in North America, it wasnt very orginal of course however i did come up with it playing imagination land on my trampoline XD my trampoline was my influence, as strange as tht sounds... anyway, it ended up being very teenish, with couples and all that sort of thing, and the story lasted for a two years... until i realised that there is more than just that story that i could write :D so ive been writing a lot of different things since, but somehow it all comes back to my orignal. I know, this is a pretty boring profile, but thats how i started out and i wouldnt change a thing.

The rest 'about me' stuff is pointless... =D

Mia x

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