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"It's MEEE!! I was the turkey ALL ALONG!" ~GIR (from Invader Zim)~

Hello there! I am Mizz. Cheznut. Also go by Chesnut or Kc. I love writing. It's bascially an obsession. Can you get addicted to writing? Anyhow, I recently wrote a series that I will try to get on here. At least bits and pieces of it. It's three books and all in all 2072 pages if I did my math correctly. The first one is 501 pages. The second one is 588, and the third one is 984. Lol. :) I just coulden't bring myself to end it you know? I loved the characters too much. 

I love wolves, camping, soccer, vollyball, softball, birds, my kitty, chinese food, tacos, scones, chocolate, soda, anime, drawing, and invader zim. Yeah, it's my favorite show. I am so childish. Oh I also love folding paper flapping cranes, I'm trying to make 1000 like it says in that chinese fable. 

I'm optimistic, a terrible speller, I love music, Miyazaki films, Skillet, cartoons, (Invader Zim rocks)singing, drawing anime and invaders, animals, being out in the mountains of Montana, writing (of course)  reading the Gregor series, I'm a chocoholic, road rager, I never take things seriously, I'm always in a good mood, I love meeting new people and I'm a Mormon. (I had to end that way. haha) 

Hope you like me and my works! :D I also have a backup account with some old stuff (kyoattress34654)

You can also follow me on facebook (Kaycee Chesnut) and Deviantart (kyohattress34654)

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