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"If life was meant to be that easy then it would come with instructions." - Valient Drakoulis (Character in my new project!)

Hello! My name's Metallic (duh) and i've always been facinated with books. Trust me, I've read more books on fantasy or the occult more times than I care to remember. Forget Harry Potter, forget Twilight, the best book in my opinion is the Vampirates series (Because I'm shallow and childish!)

I like any fantasy or adventure story and many authors intrigue me. But I'm a writer as well as a reader. I spent the last several years doing something called Role Playing. That's like writing a story with another person. Only you're not allowed to control their character or make perfect characters. In short: author school! :D

I myself write fantasy so out there that you'll need a science book after just to reach normality. You'll find yourself dreaming of flying ships, a maimed psychotic killer and a brave young adventurer. And that's all in one story! :o

Prepare yourself protagonize: Metallic Soul's about to take you for a spin on the fantasy wagon! Yahoo!

~Metallic Soul

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