a 24-year-old female from the United Kingdom

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Ir I ring o rîhw tol
Dû argiliath tobatha aur
Padatham ned ross saer
Ned I halhtol uin anor Dan ned ôl
Lathron eneth lin
Dan ned ôl
Ad geveditha
Ir in aer a ered dant
A telim nan meth o aurath
Ned I vôr lathron can
Canol nin ennas
A gwanathon ennas
a dan

I am simply me. Not especially keen on presenting myself, because it is the opinion of others, and belief in ourselves that mark who we really are. Words create me, my own true solace. I play guitar, write songs, create imaginings to myself, and i love to learn different languages. I am currently immersed in the art of Sindarin, an artificial language created by J.R.R. Tolkien for Lord of the Rings. Small things make me smile.

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