a 22-year-old female from Planet Earth

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I'm Merina; a female writer, Wicked-the-musical fanatic, dancer, piano-player, and Twilight-series-lover, as well as a would-be film editor. I'm way too tall with brown eyes, brown skin, and waist-length, highly temperamental brown hair. Brown and brown and brown - like a galaxy chocolate bar, as a friend once informed me. Hehe. I'm good at talking about things I love nonestop for hours at a time and serving as an Agony Aunt for my friends and family. I'm also a Christian. I'm a faithful watcher of the TV shows Glee and Vampire Diaries. I'm 15 years old, and pretty new to this whole writing thing, so go easy on me. Thanks, peeps!

I hate: People who judge by appearences. Acne, when it's on me, which it is. Abortion. Maths (my own personal hell). Needles/injections.

I love: Wicked the musical. Twilight. Kurt Hummel, from Glee. Sweet potatoes, chocolate raisons, raspberry and white chocolate chip muffins.

Third place winner of the Fourth Annual Wicked Fanfiction Awards in Best Drabble/Oneshot (15th of January 2011, for my drabble Terrible Beauty)

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