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Name: Melty Cat

Age: Ohohoho, nice try!

Occupation: Freelance Professional Artist/Designer & Voice Actress

Location: UK

Likes: Food, writing, art, design, modelling, acting, voice acting, dance, cars, aircraft, cartoons.

Dislikes: Drunkards, sluts, chavs, wiggers, most anime, cats, parsnips.

Status: Engaged (Wedding booked for 24/07/2016)

'The Rachels' Explained

You may have noticed a common trait with a lot of my female OCs. The name Rachel. I figured I'd explain this for you all. Although each Rachel may have a similar description and the same name, they each have their own personality flaw for each fandom they feature in. The flaws happen to be an exaggeration of one negative trait to give them a dynamic.

Why 'Rachel'?

I'm lazy. It's my first name too and I actually like it. So... Meh.

Flaw List

  • Wacky Races - Clingy
  • Transformers - Overly sarcastic/Hard-headed
  • Despicable Me - Physically violent
  • Breath of Fire IV - Selfish
  • Fireman Sam - Clumsy
  • Harry Potter - Flighty
  • Tekken - Fool-hardy
  • Wipeout Fusion - Overly dependant
  • Street Fighter - Overly trusting
  • Star Trek: TNG - Quick to anger
  • Monster - Hot-Headed
  • Astro Boy - Hopelessly romantic
  • Hey Arnold - Dies. :P
  • Asterix - Moody

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