a 20-year-old person from Pigfarts, Ireland

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"When I look back on life, I want to be able to think ''Did I make a dent?'' -Darren Criss You think killing people will make them like you, but it doesn't, it just's makes people dead! - Voldemort, AVPM It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live. - Albus Dumbledore There's nothing more BADASS than being who you are. -Darren Criss."

Time for change me thinks ;D That old bio was getting a bit old! 


I am 16. I live in Ireland.

Basically I'm young and I want to live everything. The good, the bad and the mighty strange. So far, my life has been mostly the latter, but it's the way I like it. Really all I want to do is make a dent, and know that I made a difference. Who know's; One day I might just do that. But for now, I just want to do the things I want, try to figure out my life, and while I'm at it, live my life to the full and know that I experienced everything. 

Now we've got the philosophical shtuffs out the way, here are some of my interests! 

I'm obsessed with many things; Team StarKid, Glee (I know), Harry Potter, scary films and making short films to name a few.

I think that's all you need to know. The rest is for you to speculate.

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