from India

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Well you will be wondering now how's my name is Eclipse if I am in India.. To clear it my job brought me here to India... So yeah I am not an Indian.. I am kinda weird.. Why?? 1) I have this weird fascination towards wolves, instead of running away i'll be probably cooing them. 2)I have this weird personality no actually to be truth I have weird "personalities" and sometimes i think which one is originally mine. 3) I am told multiple times that I make people super bore and I am very uninteresting. 4) I have pretty serious anger issues but i rarely get angry but when i get its always good to be stay away from me as much as possible. 5)I believe that love happens only once and true and thats the reason i am still single today though my love is living his life with someone else. 6) I worship nature and adore its beauty. I have two dogs a german shephard and a afghan hound, a persian white cat, two indian parrots green and sky blue and six couple of normal birds. I love rain its my fav. season and i am attracted to rain storms or thunder. My fav. flower well Lotus nd fav. flavours are chocolate nd choco fudge. well i guess thats it... chao..

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