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"always in the BALCONY and DANCE"

Being a south african in this century exposes one to a number of opportunities that have not been fully explored. Reactivating dreams that were previously neglected or dormant give one a chance to fully explore those opportunities. I started my career in a banking industry and spent most of my life in that environment. I always wanted to tell stories, good stories through writing books, movies, music and photography. I guess some dreams don’t get to see the light of day; they get neglected or shelved like mine.

I am a Co-Founder and a CEO of a Media and entertainment company called Kalanga Sky Media. My company does Artist management and marketing, reputational management, Television concept development, Photography and videography. I have started this company to kick start this dream and make sure that I have a rhythm that I can get lost into. The corporate industry has given me so much knowledge and skill on the business side of things. I am currently spending my time in the creative area, especially creative writing to make sure that I have the correct skills mixture.

 I have taken a web writing course and in the process of completing it. This has introduced me to a number of opportunities. I am today able to talk the web language, meet different communities on the web, share ideas and have healthy debates that are nourishing the mind and opening up new channels of thinking. I am looking forward to be spending time with this community, contribute to the well of knowledge in the creative writing space.

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