a 25-year-old dude

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Its just weird to describe myself.
I'm just an ordinary teen.
But when i say ordinary i don't mean i'm like everyone else, i'm like myself. Like it should be.
I hate studying but i love learning (no, they're not the same). A bit nerdy, a bit clumsy, a bit shy, a bit passionate, and a whole lot me.

I'm creative, and i hope that i can use that to express my emotions well, because i intend to use it as a career. But i'm not really social, and making new friends is rather tough for me.

I'm not much for a writer, but i have written a couple of poems, a few stories, im here just to see what people might think of my work and maybe find some friends i can have fun with.

For now, im just gonna upload some of my old works just so i can get started...

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