just a babe from my own sand corn.

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What should people know about this lady….

I'm a village healer in a small world and a storyteller, just beyond the real life that we all lead.

Many good friends and creatures live there and if you step close enough, you might find yourself in that world, playing your own role and living your own life, that is nothing like the life you’re in now…

 In real life I’m a mom of two wonderful souls – a girl and a boy who inspire me during every breath I take, and I’m proud that I got to be their mom.

What I post here are the stories I wrote long ago, which you can read out from my silly English mistakes (and honestly, I'm glad some of the story moods are gone meanwhile). Feel free to correct anything you find. Since English isn't my native language, nor I ever studied it, I'm always happy to learn something from corrections.

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