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"Well, ok, but I dont want you to babysit her [L's baby sister] all through the summer. You have a new life to live, a job, Katrina....and you just let her know that when she comes to visit, we can pick her up from any airport, wherever she comes from"- Mrs. R. (Oh, L! Your grandmother is so wonderful! Full of surprises, hehe)

The pen, the pen, the pen. What is it to write? What does it mean?

Different surely from filling out job applications. Different surely from writing IMs and brief notes. Surely filled with imagination and twists. Surely filled with creativity and care and cultivation and love.

Youth has its advantages and disadvantages. But an advantage is that I have years to answer those questions thoroughly. And to discover them, I thought a community for writers would be a fun place to be. I am here to learn, to laugh, to have fun, and to meet.

Though, gentlemen, I am UNAVAILABLE ;). Please do not even think of asking me the time.

I am a student, once jaded with life, now re-lived by  my loving boyfriend, who I will call  "L ".  My number one favorite in my life, my lover, my best friend. I love him.

He brought me out of my funk, and I'm here, to try out writing again. It has been months since I have written something. And I hope, here, to meet like minds, and explore fiction together!

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