a 27-year-old from Good Cheese/Happy Cow State, United States

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My quotes: "Does the volume taste like coconut?"

Hello, the name I go by on here isn't my real name, but if I ever become famous I will definitely let you guys know my real name. Hahaha....

So I love to write. I haven't written much stories and stuff like I used to, but I'm starting to get back into that. Though I do write a lot of song and poems, and maybe some short stories, and quite a bit of journaling about life and all that.

My writing can be anything from extremely crazy and silly, to somewhat normal, to scary and morbid. It all depends on my mood. Through my writing, you might be able to understand the constant mood changes I go through and all my different moods.

I also like to try different things to allow me to see through different perspectives and all that lovely stuff, so you might see my mind through some of those perspectives as well.

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