a 26-year-old hobo from Under your bed, United Kingdom

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"Fair enough"

Well what can i really say, look at that on a writers website and i'm lost for words. Basically i'm what it says in the title, i am also doing an IT course at Zenos (if anybody else has heard of it, do tell me as almost nobody seems to know what im going on about)

I enjoy writing, and i usually write in fantasy or warrior based worlds, magic intrigues me and i find the entire genre of fantasy fascinating, the fact that a world can be created in the mind is something that i love and that i strive to accomplish in my writing.

Fierce battles, Dragons, Magic and a complex state of mind is what incorporates my characters, my worlds and my own state of mind, everything is a reflection of how i would like things to be or how i feel the world is.

I'm only currently working on one story with Xelotath its turning out to be quite good. Torn in Two

The only other thing i can say is really that writing is all about fun and an expression of your own ideas and your own imagination, nothing can be wrong and nothing can be stupid, its all fun at the end of the day. That said i welcome CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM not complaints.

Please enjoy the reading

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