a 24-year-old lady from Ohio

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Konnichiwa minna-san! ♥

Nutshell (for those who don't like long profiles):

• I am 17 and an amateur writer.
• I've been writing for about 6 years or so.
• I'm not very good with grammar.
• I'm open to criticisms, but please be civil and polite.
• My genres go from romance, to psychological, horror, supernatural and many others.
• I constantly make new characters; some more well-rounded than others.

I am a 17 year old writer who goes through writer's block so often it's a wonder she has even a smidge of writing skill. First and foremost, I'm absolutely terrible at grammar and always have been, although I still adore writing.

When I was still in elementary, I remember when I'd be asked to write stories or something for class, I'd take up three to four pages at a time. Those definitely weren't my greatest things, but back then they were a huge deal. Needless to say, I've grown and matured a lot since those days and I tend to get extremely embarrassed when I think about my old works.

Um, currently I write fanfiction more than what I do original work, though lately I've been getting interested into it more. I like to create characters, but have trouble rounding them out to where they're believable. Unique plots tend to give me difficulty, too, so I usually just try and add my own twist to "cliché" ideas.

I'm really not fantastic at chaptered stories, I have tendencies to give up on them or lose interest, so they gather dust somewhere on my hardrive. Although, I do like to write long one-shots and drabbles, those will probably dominate what I write on this site.

As for what I like to write, I'm really into the gore and horror scene of writing. The stories that I'm currently outlining are based in worlds where the supernatural and demons exist, can be seen and that are, regrettably, a terror of people's everyday lives.

In one story, it's based off my idea of the afterlife and the demons and beings that exist there. I sort of think of it as a steampunk, gothic story that has modern touches. From what I have planned so far, there are four main stories, although that may change as time goes along.


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