just a girl

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"People make heaven, people make hell. (JRS) Be the change you want to see in the world. (Ghandi)"


I am a mystery wrapped in an enigma,,,
I am myself,
I am my health.

I am this film,
I am that book,
I am my doodles,
I am my looks.

I am my portsmouth,
I am these friends,
I am a thousand things to lend.

I am my family,
I am my hands,
I am my teachers,
I am this land.

I am some of you,
I am sleepy dust goo,
I am GHD
I am...???...he he he.

I am my own hell,
I am my bad smell,
I am the man,
I am the man's plan.

I am monks and nuns,
I am people's fun,
I am Johnny Cash,
I am Owen's tash.

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