a 114-year-old ragamuffin from the birthplace of imagination

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"Some people are a lot like slinkies. Good for nothing but they bring a smile to your face when you watch them fall down a flight of stairs."

Hello my dearies. By clicking on my profile I assume you crave to know who or what is Magnauctor. Am I right? I knew I was

For starters Magnauctor is my third name and I feel I may change it in the future. Magnauctor comes from Magna Auctor: Latin for 'The Great Writer'. It seemed relevant.

Well, I am a random writer with a head full of tiny stories that die after a few manic chapters. For those who dare to get close to me expect more collabs that you can shake a stick at.

My favourite genre is magical mystery, unfortunately I cant write it. I have been described as imaginative and creative but this is said as both a compliment and an insult.

I'll be happy to take on most collabs unless they are really cliche love things about vampires or LJ Smith. Curse you Twilight.

Curious to find out more? Well then dive straight in. Just make sure your cat is in the other room 

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