a 21-year-old ragamuffin from under your bed, Ireland

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"Being a writer is having angels whisper in your ear - and devils, too." - Terri Guillemets"

I'm a writer (a scribbler). I'm a reader. I'm a moody teenager. I'm a temporary secondary school dropout. I'm gravely antisocial. I'm a swooning fangirl for many a fictional gentleman. I'm in the throes of a tenacious caffeine addiction. I eat too many jellybeans. I take too many showers, I suffer from mild OCD and I'm Irish. I love broccoli and intelligent arguments and I have an obsession with the sky. One day, I'll be a full-time scribbler/the immunologist who discovers the cure for AIDS, but until then, I'm just Aoife Greene/Maggie Avalon, taking over the world one word at a time.

Books + paper + pen + guitar + jellybeans + camera + kooky sunglasses + tea - wind = nomnomnom, happiness.

Follow my blog and I will repay you in sexual favours... or maybe just give you a cookie: (Pssst! Find it in the "Website" section, wherever that is...)

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