a lady from uptown, United Kingdom

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"You know it, you just don't know you know it." - Janice, Friends Wherever you go, go with all your heart. - Confucius Remorse is the poison of life. xX

I'm still kinda new to this whole site but absolutely loving it! Currently working on a lot of stories but haven't put any of my own up on here yet - I rarely finish them so I think the collaborative thing is so cool! My favourites (and only) so far is Vampire Mansion, and now Return to the Vampire Mansion =)

Ok - got accepted to a couple of unis in Massachusetts for Creative Writing so I'm feeling like I should get involved in more stuff like Protagonize! I'm a hopeless romantic/dreamer and can't ever stop thinking or acting (even whilst alone!!) - art, drama, reading and writing are my ultimate loves in life!

I eat a lot. I love beanie babies, stickers and socks. I have a sister. I adore Tennessee Williams and Oscar Wilde! I hate candy and horror films. I love Bollywood. Snow and thunderstorms are possibly the best things ever. Emily Bronte is my hero. Jane Austen is my saviour. Emily Dickinson is my idol. I love vintage dresses. My favourite animals are 1.Platypus 2.Hippos 3.Manatees. I used to pretend I was an indian in the forest in our backyard - I built unsuccessful teepees.

I'm crazy and I love life - I don't care about anything but the environment and writing, so if I end up a hermit in the middle of a forest eating leaves and climbing trees, as long as I have some paper and a pen I can promise you I will still be one happy hermit. =)

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