a 25-year-old lady from South West London, United Kingdom

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"And not even upon touching his head did the hat yell SLYTHERIN." - Harry Potter

I'm Madam Hooligan. Someday that will be all i'll have to say to impress people.

It's hard to describe myself because i change by the hour.

I honestly believe that when God was painting his perfect vision of this SW London girl, he spilt more emotions into the mixture then he intended to...more than he'd ever put in anyone before. Intrigued, he plonked her onto the earth anyway, and there you have it. Me. If i wasn't a human with rights, i'd be in a lab somewhere getting prodded by "scientists". 

Still, i hear the whispers and the sighs...people would kill to be me, despite how mixed up i am inside. Despite how i slightly scare them.

Whatever i've put in words now will probably not even be a fraction of what i'm truly all talk to me, and you'll get a much better idea. :) One thing's for sure though, i'll change your world. I'm not perfect, but parts of me are pretty awesome. I'm one those girls that is in the darkness most of the time, but like Marilyn Monroe said:

"If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best."

Anyone can make you cry, or smile, but it takes someone like me to make you smile when you've already got tears in your eyes!

Yours Sincerly,


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