a 21-year-old bird from Wonderland, Taiwan

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"'Oh, you can't help that,' said the Cat: 'we're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad.' - Cheshire cat"

My wonderland is shattering - actually I am very upset now of the reality I have to confront. Why do parents get divorced?

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-I love Yuumei, she is adorable and I get so touched by her art and stories...

My name is Carolina I am taiwanese and at the present time I am living in South America. I'm addicted to technology and art (stereotypical?). I know, many people love art and technology at the same time. However....Art, for me, comes in various ways: drawings, paintings, photography, digital art (vectors, 3D, rendering, 2D graphics or illustrations), music and finally reading/writing. I enjoy singing and playing the piano (I learnt at the age of 6). I do also enjoy writing, but unfortunately, I am actually not good at language and literature (even though I am multilingual). I was obliged to learn Spanish, English and Chinese at the same time, which didn't helped at all. Spanish because I live in Peru. English because I study in a British school. Finally, Chinese because my family comes from Taiwan. Thus, I would be sometimes found using a mixture of the three languages (Spanglish with a hint of Chinese?). So the reason I write is just cause of my thirst for creating new stories. I am to some extent in love with creativity. Actually, I think that everyone has this secret desire to invent stories.

"My heart is open, Alice. Never closed, never locked. It needs no key." Lizzie Liddel from Alice madness returns

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