just a chiquita from Northern East Coast

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"Born where the flames never die; Lost in the garden of stars."

Hey! I'm Madalaine. I'm new to Protagonize, but working diligently to improve my writing. I don't have much as of yet, but I have a lot of stuff planned. If you need a partner for a collab, come over my way because I'm always down.

I love writing because it's the one place I can vent. Whether it's through my own words, through themes, or a character's struggle. I'd the one place I can say what's impossible to say. And it's the only way I can say how I truly feel despite no one hearing what that may be. I'm not looking to tell the world my story; I want to write things that people can connect to their own lives and emotions. I love reading something or hearing something that brings me back to memories both great and miserable; I'd rather cry along to lyrics that bottle up everything inside. And when I feel alone, I want to read about someone going through similar situations whether they succeed or fail. What I want more than anything, is to create something that can make someone feel. 

About Me:

Things I Like: Taco Bell, Denim & Leather, Singing, Tattoos & Piercings, Animals, Playing Music, Spicy Food, Beer, Heavy Metal, Ham & Cheese Sammiches, Video Games, and Technology.

Things I Dislike: Sleeping, Waking Up, Wine, Driving, Having !$^$ty eyesight, Not having enough time, When things I want are too expensive (160GB iPod and 3DS, one will be mine.), Using spoons when a fork could be used, When cats steal my food, Not knowing where to go/what to do.

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