a 24-year-old femme from Ohio., United States

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"A good writer touches life often. A mediocre one runs a quick hand over her. A bad one rapes her and leaves her for the flies." -Fahrenheit 451, aka the best book ever. xD

Hm...I don't know, what is there to say? Profiles are always so hard for me, because there's just so much that you could put there that there ends up being nothing at all. xD

Perhaps someone out there in the wide world of internet is actually interested in hearing some facts of my life? well here you go, should you be such a person.

I've been writing for...years. Like obsessively. xD I got my start on Neopets, the roleplay boards, and whatever you say I will always love that place for that. There is literally no better way to learn to write than to do it, repeatedly. And there are few better places for that, where you can do it often and quickly with people of your own level, than the Neoboards. xD

That place gave me the start to an obsessive passion. ^^

One of my many. :p

The others, most notably, include: Politics, Religion and Literature (aka the three big topics of debate among my friends. xD); Anime (aka love. xD); and, obviously, the "xD" smiley face.

In addition to this list there is one further item of great note to which...rather whom...I am greatly addicted and obsessed. Ah Emotion, even the best of us are cliche's before your power...

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