a male from Midlands, United Kingdom

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"Accursed crusaders, forged in the fires of vengeance"

Konrad Du Noite, Vampiric Elder ---->


I am

  • An avid reader.
  • A year 10 GCSE student.
  • I have a wide, varied taste in music, anything from pop to rock, with the exception of metal.
  • The youngest person in my family to read The Lord of the Rings (all 3). I was in year 5.


  • At school I am well known for my writing abilities.
  • My favourite fantasy creature is a griffon/gryphon.

I am quite 'shy', I suppose, when it comes to speaking in front of a class, indeed, I heartily dislike it, but when it's just me and my my friends, I must admit I'm quite outspoken. If I get into a book, I can start reading at midday, and still be reading it at 3am if I'm not careful. 


"Gut them! Slaughter them!
 Slay them! Butcher them!
 Kill! Kill! Kill!
 Never stop, never tire!
 Keep doing the Lord's work!"
                         Khar-Har the Undefeatable 


"Pools of blood glisten so brightly.
 Death cries echo so harmoniously.
 We drink deeply of fear and pain.
 Only this we can soothe our fiery hearts." 
                        Illaitanen, Handmaiden of Slaanesh


"Curiosity begets knowledge.
 Knowledge begets curiosity.
 Only great Tzeentch sates both."
                        The Teachings of Tz'Kul'Anak 


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