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"Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant. There is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the most important thing" ~Elisabeth-Louise Vigée-Labrun

I find myself drawn to the odd psyche of human life. I would prefer to probe those unknowable depths in my writing. Creating characters and worlds that are vivid and real in the imagination, yet one could easily find small bits of themselves in these mysterious people existing in my head. I believe that is the magic of writing: caring, fearing, hoping, loving and hating someone or something that does not exist.

On a more interesting note, many of my stories which I hope to publish here revolve around a world I created. The Blackguard Chronicles to be exact. I have spent countless hours (read: years) building up this world, it's inhabitants, and the political and social aspects that churn about in it. For the most part, each story that falls into this world may reference things that have not been explained as of yet. In fact, my hope is that the reader will take with them the bits and pieces and build upon these things to evolve themselves into the world and its current state. Many of the works I will post are involving canon characters that will be making appearances in a full on title. For now though these "The Book of..." works contain the back stories and histories of several of these characters, providing a necessary (albeit not crucial) reference to the work as a whole. 

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