a 21-year-old man from Flint, Michigan, United States

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Hello there! Thanks for stopping by. It's been a long time (about  two years haha) since I've done anything on this account or site. I simply forgot about it and got caught up in life. A lot has happened in the two years that I haven't been writing here, lots of moves, jobs, friends gained and friends lost. 

I don't really remember what I've written here in the past, nor any plans I had at that point. Most likely will take down most of what is up, and start from scratch. I may re-work some of the writing and re-post it, but I'm not sure.

Reason I found out that I still had this account was that I got an email recently indicating someone had favorited (or liked or commented, I don't exactly remember) one of my works. I was thinking: "Oh yea! I forgot about that site!" I thought it was cool that everything was still up and that people may have enjoyed it.

Looking forward to writing new works. My writing schedule and activity may be a little sporadic, I'm currently working full-time and am looking for a new place to live, both of which take an immense amount of time.

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