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."If someone says they 'forbid it' thats a good reason it's worth doing" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "The World Isn't Split Into Good And Evil. There Is Both Light And Dark Inside Of Us, But It's The Path We Choose To Act On That Defines Who We Are" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "If your in love, you should stay in love and not treat it as a game of cat and mouse"

Hey Peoples! Long time, no see eh?

Well, sorry for my recent disappearing acts but my life has been totally hectic recently and writing has been the last thing on my mind (THE HORROR!)

I have a few short stories I've scribbled up and will be posting soon. Unfortunately my planned series (The Perfection Series) will be delayed to 2015 cause of some expansion to the setting of the books which kind of fuddles everything up. oops. But as my apology, I have posted a teaser from Chapter One: Supply Run, and as the story gets underway once more I'll be posting several other small teasers for everyone to enjoy. More will be released the closer I get to fully publishing Whispers of Perfection.

"Spartan" will also be re-posted alongside the publishing of Whispers of Perfection.

Thanks, Peoples! :)


Hello crazy people who love writing as much as me :)

The Name's Luna. I could sit here and waddle on about myself for eternity, but I think I'll spare you the horror and the bleeding ears.

If you want to know about the crazy, disjointed, manical tale that is my life, I dare you to check out Miracle's Fabulous Interview With Luna101

NOTE: You'll probaly find that most of my stories will have the same characters but the story line will be completely different, for example in one story i might have 2 characters meet but in the next story 1 character might not even exsit, so thats why my stories seem a little... off. But that doesn't matter. Anyways if you comment on my stories, and give me advice i'll be able to improve them, and i'll comment on your stories too.

My Favourite Books:

  • Percy Jackson Series By Rick Riordan
  • The Kane Chronicles By Rick Riordan
  • The Lux Series By Jennifer L. Armentrout
  • The Covenant Series By Jennifer L. Armentrout
  • 39 Clues Series Started By Rick Riordan and continued by a varity of good authors
  • Inheritance Series By Christopher Paolini
  • The Hunger Games Series By Suzanne Collins 
  • Maximum Ride Series By James Patterson
  • Canterwood Crest Series By Jessica Burkhart
  • Angelfire Series By Courtney Allison Moulton
  • Forbidden By Syrie James & Ryan M. James
  • The Sphinx Project By Kate Hawkings
  • Arena One: Slaverunners ByMorgan Rice
  • Heroes of Olympus Series By Rick Riordan
  • The Mortal Instruments Series By Cassandra Clare
  • The Infernal Devices Series By Cassandra Clare
  • The Bane Chronicles By Cassandra Clare

Thing I like

  • Animals (including spiders, bugs, sharks, all animals)
  • All types of mythology/ Greek, Roman, Egyptian, even a little Norse (Mostly Greek)
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Riding Horses
  • Travelling Around The World
  • Dancing
  • Drawing
  • Poetry
  • Riddles
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Generally, just been weird :D

Solo Stories

Golden Phoenix: The true story of how I found my champion stallion, Golden Phoenix. I just changed the characters around slightly. (completed)

Spartan: The story of my beloved horse Spartan, and how he changed my life forever. He healed the wounds left by my mother's death and brought my family back together. It is very much a true story and is one I want to share with the world. I've decided to relay my story through fictional characters I made up - that way its easier for me to write without bursting into tears constantly. (Taken Down For Reconstruction)

Plenty of other Solos I can't be bothered putting up on my profile. XD


Heroes of History: This is about 4 girls, the descendants of the 4 greatest demigod heroes to have ever walked the earth. this is the one where the world is on the brink of destrcution from a new foe from the past that no one can seem to defeat. our 4 heroes - Astrid, Flare, Sophia and Grace must race against the clock to find and relese their immortal ancestors in order to save the entire world before its to late. (Completed)

Hidden Circus: This is a new story between myself and Arah. it is currently in planning, but the prologue has been posted. its about 2 girls on the run, hidden under the identities of different circus performers. (currently active)

Plenty of other Collaborations that I can't be bothered putting up on my profile. XD

Upcoming Works:

    • The Complete Aeolyan Guide: This is the spin-off guide to the Perfection Series. If You are ever confused with the terms or setting, or world of Aeolya, here is where you can find anything and everything about each and every one of Aeolya's 27 islands, and the definitions of terms you may or may not be unfamiliar with. The Guide will be posted alongside the first full chapter of Whispers of Perfection in 2015.
    • The Perfection Series:

Book 1: Whispers of Perfection (Early 2015)

Welcome to Aeolya, a mythical land shrouded in mist. Home to a range of magical and deadly creatures from fire-breathing dragons to talking birds. Explore Aeolya's monumental cities or dare to enter the haunted Shatterglass Forest.

But be warned! The Gods of Olympus reign over this mysterious realm, with everything from demigod heroes to impossible monsters doing their bidding at every turn. Be mindful off your words, the Gods are not as forgiving as you might think.

"Whispers of Perfection" follows seventeen-year-old Quinn Archer, the daughter of a wealthy minister living in Aeolya 300 years into the future where the once peaceful world is on the brink of a devastating war.

On one side, The Gods of Mount Olympus.

On the other side, The Ministers of The Council of Fai.

Most would think an uprising against the gods would be insane. But the allure of total and absolute freedom from their lives under the thumb of the Olympians is hard to resist. The Ministers are rallying anyone and everyone to their cause, even titans and minor gods that wish to see Olympus fall.

Naturally, it's up to Quinn and her rag-tag group of misfits to stop the coming apocalypse.

No pressure.

Book 2: A Song of Perfection (Late 2016)

Book 3: Last Perfection (2017)

I hope you like my stories

Later Alligators! ;P


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