a dudette from Portsmouth, United Kingdom

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so my names loz, im a bit bonkers but thats me! gotta love me for me! i love to write stories then never finish, or write stories and keep writing them and keep writing them and keeeeep going until i finally get like 3 books with over 200 pages each! Bonkers i know!

I like to write stories but i hate it when i get other ideas and if i prefer the other idea's i like to go with them! so i change the story and start a new one! Ha love it! so bonkers, so crazy yet such a laugh.

I love to hug thats just me, but i dont like it when people tell me im mean? mean! i dont think so thats so rude! I love it when i have fun funs kwl!!!!!

i must admit i get too hyper, then write story without thinking and when i do it goes bonkers ahhhh

writers blocks i hate them! god dam them i swear! there is never a way to get over them, except for when i have dreams, all my idea's come from dreams ;D gotta love that! so if you think my stories wierd, its because i dreamt it! gotta love that! idea's from dreams, dreams from ideas love it!!!

and yeah you've probably been scared off now! but you know you want to read my stories, i know you have the urge too....

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