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"A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing." - Oscar Wilde or "All of us are in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars" - Also Oscar.

...........................We interrupt this broadcast to bring you a Lovecat Presentation. Well, what did you expect?

Indeed, I am new to all of this so be gentle.

Of course, I'm not new to writing. 'Tis my passion, my life source and my escape.

I have already written a full length novel and am in the process of proof-reading it before I send it off to those good old writing agents. Yay. And I also dabble from time to time in small stories and devising future stories.

My own area of expertise is the Fantasy genre, taking influence from the likes of Terry Pratchett, Eoin Colfer and Lewis Carroll, but I'm branching out into other genres with influences there being Oscar Wilde, George Orwell and Anthony Horowitz.

Please enjoy, any tips or suggestions will be appreciated. Oh, and if anyone knows what Writing Agents I should approach it'd be an enormous favour.

Projects in the works:

  • GRIM (my full-length finished novel about the man who inspired the Grim Reaper folklore after playing the catalyst in the Second War of the Divine Realm. Currently being proof-read.)
  • Lost In The Post (set in an alternate England, this is a story about the relationship between two children, Daniel and Delilah, and how they rescue their failed Révolutionnaire grandfather)
  • Untitled short story (Just the conversations between a sinister aristocrat, his gay butler and their rain-sodden visitor. I tried to convey a lot of philosophy from different views in here)
  • Talons (Tale of two adolescant lads who start an intense competition to see who's smarter involving a set of political radicals and a frazzled police unit. Might appear on here.)

...What Else Is On?

The Future Is What We Make Of It.

- Lovecat.

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