a 21-year-old girl from the United States

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"We never change, we just become more clearly ourselves as we get older."

I think about unanswerable questions. My moods changes quite easily. Watermelon gum is nauseating. I only like exotic flavored gum, not mint or something like that. I hate it when people take my paper while I'm still working on it. I especially hate show offs, which is why I’m trying to be as natural as I can be. I love cold weather, you know, where there's a small icy breeze but it still feels good. Jumping in the air randomly is cool. Sunsets are swell. A large field of tall grass is also a good place to mess around with a camera. I enjoy random messages. My favorite Christmas tradition is eating blueberry candy canes. I love rainy days and walking in the rain. Listening to David Gray completes me ♥. Obsessed with Coldplay and Chris Colfer. I love the color green. Milk is the best liquid. I only listen to songs that have meanings to it, so good luck if you want me to listen to rap or something. "Lullaby" is on repeat when I try to go to sleep. I'm very very very modest. Rarely I'm impressed by myself. It takes a lot for me to like what I do, actually. I don’t trust people easily but they can trust me. I would never share a secret, because that’s mean. I give second chances and I'm trying to be a very selfless person. My bad qualities; I'm going to make them disappear soon. I’m your typical dreamer, maybe I dream too much because I’m afraid to wake up and hit the horrible, terrible game that is called "life".

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