a 25-year-old male from the United Kingdom

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"Hero's are the ones who persevere in the hardest of times and willing to sacrifice themselves for other people."

Hi, I'm Lars.

I write stories here.

Recently started up with Protagonize read through some of my stories and deleted them. I can't seem to get back to that mindset and to be honest was not happy the way I written them.

I have a lot of free time I think. It's probably not true but I will write somehting up and hope you guys like it.

about me.

Lived in Holland, Germany, Greece and the United Kingdom, and next month I will be in Holland for a while. During my life weirdness and randomness still follows me around.

If you have more questions about me ask them I be happy to answer them.

Write ups.

Destiny a little poem from ages ago.

The Artifact of Seth: I wrote a prologue it rolled out of my keyboard so I took it smacked in on the screen used some glue to make it stick. Have a slight idea of what It will turn out to be but so far you just have to wait

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