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"Life is like walking through fog. The past is slow to fade whilst the future is quick to arrive. - Myself."

Hi there, LostSoul18 here :)

First of all, I`m not dead, thankfully, so I apologise for the massive hiatus that I have had from Protag until this moment in time (11/2/15). Life has been really giving me a rough time for nearly a year now and I`ve only just had the courage to come back here and take up writing on here again as not only do I still need that escape most writers do but I am also trying to pull myself out of the dark so this will hopefully help.

I have recently tried to get on Deviant Art but unlike this lovely site, unless you are a writer of something Japanese, your work is not going to even get a comment so there we go.

Hopefully, I will keep Protag going now for quite a while and see what comes out of my many ramblings. 

If you want to know anymore about me then you will have to PM me or comment on my profile as in the words of Professor River Song,


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