just a cat from Ireland

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"Weaklings will run away before they get hurt... But for those who are strong, the depths of their wounds will increase with their strength." Kasuga Tougu from Shinshi Doumei Cross/Gentlemens Alliance Cross by Arina Tanemura

My friend TheGirlInTheCupboard joined and I stalked her!!~♥ :D
That's what I spend my time doing, stalking people, then writing about them!
I'm joking :P But you may have already gotten creeped out and left my profile, if you've stuck around and are reading this then; yay! :D

The names Lori! Nice to meet you!~♥
I live in Ireland~ I am not as short as a leprechaun; sadly I'm not tall either!
I'm 16, and I'm a girl~♥

I love drawing, music, anime, Glee, singing, spending all day on the internet~
And I can't really be bothered to write any more~

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