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"Why be realistic when you can be FANCY?!" -The Fancypants Adventures

So yeah, I'm Lone Writer.

I am a GIRL contrary to popular belief. Senior Year, Class of 2011. So ready to graduate.

“Life is an endless parade of stupidity, with no rain in sight.” -Lone Writer

Here are the series I'm currently working on/are apart of. Hopefully you will enjoy them.

  • Crazy In Love (No More Women): The reluctant Matt is dragged behind his best friend Jordan and roped into going out with one more girl after 12 bad experiences. Things start to get a little dangerous. Gunfire type dangerous. (With Baronet)
  • A Most Usual Fairytale: All Adelaide wants is a little adventure. When she strikes a deal with The Storyteller to move to the real world to escape an overbearing, marriage-bent Prince, she gets a little more than she bargained for. (with G2 and OrangeOreos)
  • Who Is She?: Brian has seen Madison walk by the window of his coffeeshop everyday for months. When he finally gets up the courage to go talk to her, she gets kidnapped the very next day. Brian ends up in the adventure of a lifetime as he follows Madison to the library. (With RedHeadRose)
  • Lemon Cove: CJ dares his friend Damian to go talk to a girl sitting in a tree in the park. She seems normal enough on the outside, but is she really? (With JoyceFreedom)
  • Clover High: When Marianne meets mysterious upperclassman Snap, things start to go wrong. There's a tornado and an earthquake and the cheerleaders hate her. And will Marianne ever find out why Snap never takes off his sunglasses?

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