a 28-year-old kid from Gold Canyon, Arizona, United States

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"Kneel Before Me... I said... KNEEEEEEEEL!!!"

Let's see... well, I absolutely adore Tom Hiddleston and Matt Smith. Like, seriously. Those two are so hot and adorable with super cute smiles! I also love anime, and I have been trying to get back into it. My current favorite doctors are Ten and Eleven, if you couldn't already tell. :P I am also a writer. I love to write disability fiction, but the sad part is that I'm always unable to finish my stories due to ADHD. D: Writing helps me express myself in ways that can be difficult for me verbally.

I am diagnosed with a form of autism. My ex-therapist and current psychiatrist have said that it's classic autism, or just your typical spectrum version of it, I guess. I didn't talk until I was about four or five. I had to learn how to speak until the eighth grade when they said I didn't need speech therapy anymore. I'm currently a seven to thirteen year old trapped in the body of an adult. I NEVER act my age, and I mean NEVER because I feel more comfortable being a child.

I also have ADHD, generalized anxiety disorder (mostly due to autism), mild to moderate Dyspraxia, an intellectual disability and a slow learning disability. I also have poor reading comprehenshin, which tends to make reading difficult for me to process unless it's short and simple stuff lol. It really depends on how focused I am though too. However, despite my comprehension issues, I've been told I'm an excellent reader. I'm absolutely TERRIBLE at math, to the point where I have a very low grade level.

I can be very shy and timid at first. I don't usually like to engage in a lot of social interaction. I also get scared easily by social conversations, but I still try to get int them the best that I can. I find it hard to trust people due to the amount of friends I have lost over the years. However, once you get me talking, you'll be wishing I had a mute button. :P I swear, I get that from my mother or something because she's the very same way. XD

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