a 16-year-old girl from P.a thats all i'm telling!, United States

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"This Is something I made up I love people and I hate People in this world, Deal with it."

Hello, My name is Elizabeth. I'm 11 years old. Bad at writing but I still love it...Good at reading, My life story is my parents are divorsed, I have a sister,4 pets "Cat,dog, and two rats." The book I love the most is The Hunger Games! I absoulty love Lego's because they get my hands working and I need hand theryapy so I get told to do that so I started liking them.....A thanks for reading.....Read my book's! Btyw I just created a newbook that I think anyone whos reading this should check it out. I'll give you the summrey. Cassie a 20 year old girl has lost her sister in a car carsh 4 years ago. She thinks the man who killed her sister is the man who killed her father. Cassie follows notes to find the man to talk to about the killer. Read this if you like action and adveture with just a touch of mystery!

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