a 21-year-old male from Detroit, MI, United States

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"Not all of the opera and theater of science is over."

Why not start from the beginning?  

I was born in a small, conservative town in the rural side of West Michigan.  Most of my life was filled with joyful experiences and wonderful memories, but there was a slice that was substantial enough to drown me in fear, doubt, and despair.

I hid the fact that I was gay for 18 years (my age now) in fear of becoming an outcast within my community.  As we all know, word spreads faster in high school than can be spread by Fox News.  Unfortunately for me, my father was the wrestling coach at my school, and I did not want to risk the word spreading to him.  So, instead of being honest, I pretended to be a shoe and hid in the closet.

Now I'm attending college in Detroit; went from a country town to a big city (culture shock eh?).  Instead of studying for my intensive science courses, I'm going to write instead.

Hopefully you enjoy,


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