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Me and words: I love to read and write.  I write all the time...mostly peoms, scripts and short stories (theyre usually short because i can never be bothered to write that much).  I am a slow reader (as my best friend Ellie (Pumpkin201) never fails point out) but i really like reading almost any genre. 

A bit about LittleLuna: I live in the North East of England with my mum, dad and little sister. I am a Christsian - i dont go to church that often but i definetely believe in God. Plus my family is very religious so i dont really have a choice :P I would like to be an actress (dont worry...i know all the faults), a paediatrician or a special eds teacher when i am older.

My hobbies: i am a very musical and creative person: i play the flute, recorder, piano (ish) and i sing.  I sing in five different choirs, play in a youth training band, i have attended stagecoach (drama school) for seven years and i have performed all over the country.  I dont think there is a musical i dont know and i almost constantly doodle.  I spend a lot of my time going from one appointment to the other...because im wierd :P i have had over 105 appointments in one year and ive had so many tests done on me its unreal :P arent i lucky?!!

Best memories: touring with joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat for four years, performing at the Royal Albert Hall,London and when my sister was born

Likes: green stuff :), names (i will just come up with lists and lists of them :P ), food, reading, writing, music, art, drama, dance, friends and family. 

Dislikes: stereotypes, loud noises, sports, being tired, maths

Me in Five Words: happy, musical, nerd, quirky, positive

peace out

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