a 21-year-old shorty from Dream Land

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"Can't believe, how strange it is to be anything at all" - Jeff Mangum

I find the world of dreams and imagination much more appealing than day-to-day life. A place, where anything is possible, and where nothing has a lasting impact. 

Dreams allow creativity, exploration, impossibility and fantasy to be brought together in one complex metaphor. Dreams are that insight into the true nature of the human mind. 

I think the very concept of imagination accounts for just about everything I appreciate in life. Art, literature, music, film, science, fashion.

I love to paint and create mixed media art, as well as keeping an art journal. 

I love to write, in particular short poems which sum up certain emotions, feelings and ideas. 

I love music, with my favourite genres being alternative, indie and experimental. Some of my favourite artists are Pink Floyd, Animal Collective, Radiohead and Neutral Milk Hotel. 

I also love the film Fight Club among many others, Science with hopes of working in drug research, and I also have a slightly quirky sense of fashion. 

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