a 28-year-old female from Darlington, United Kingdom

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"'take apart your head'"

I'm a full time Literature student in Newcastle, England. I think Eliot's The Waste Land is probably the best piece ever written. If anybody hasn't read Patrick McCabe's The Butcher Boy - I suggest you do! The rest of the time I love the Romantic Era, I'm not entirely sure why, but sometimes life is too gritty for anything else. I have been lucky enough to have my poetry selected three times for publication, I'm so proud of myself :)

My interests are my girlfriends, they're hot ;) my boy Sam, I love you! Gigs, veggie, festival season, summer, grooming and gatherings. I'll admit I would live just for Leeds Festival alone, and I watch The O.C like some-one is going to steal my TV tomorrow. I like listening to Have Heart, Modest Mouse, Bloc Party, Big Japan, Modern Life Is War, Jets To Brazil... You get the idea.

Ummmm what else?

I'm a strict vegetarian and animal rights activist, I believe that it is wrong to kill an animal for food, let alone slaughter one. However, my opinions are not the be all and end all of the universe. Your choices are your own and I would never dictate anyone, that being said, I would love to work for PETA someday - simply to raise awareness and educate them (so to speak), not to ridicule them for the paths they lead.

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