a 17-year-old chiquita from a galaxy far, far away...

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"Broken crayons still colour."


*bows and waits for applause to subside*
To my humble abode.

I am (as the bar on top says) Lit-Lover (though you can call me Lit or Litty or anything else that suits your fancy) and I am a fifteen year old Disney obsessed chocoholic. 

I love reading and I don't really have any genre that I prefer. If the plot is interesting and the characters aren't perfect, then I can guarantee that I'll enjoy the book.

That being said, I wouldn't mind checking out your stories/works if you want me to and I'd really appreciate honest feed-back on my works as well.  

My favourite authors include Robin Cook, Michael Crichton, Paulo Coelho, Rick Riordan and Richelle Mead.

Favourite type of music: I don't actually have any favourites. I just don't like EDM...

Check out my works and don't forget to comment :) If you rate my work below 4, leave a comment telling me why. What's the point of telling someone you don't like their work  if you don't tell them why?

Cheerio !

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