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"Kio loves Tai being Taiy while being Kioy in Kio's clothes." (DECIPHER THAT.)

Since only a few will get my username/penname, let me explain.

"Lionwolf" is a couple name for a boy/boy pair of mine (well, it's a collaboration-couple. Where one person created one of the characters, and another creates the other character. My character is named "Talyr", and the other's character is named "Akakios".)

Anyhow, my main genre is romance. I mostly post shorts, though the majority of my things are unfinished ^^" I'm not very .. well, let's just say I don't have the patience to finish most things.

Anyhow, I also write about hetero relationships, dont' worry. Boy/Boy and Boy/Girl is all I write though. My main couples will probably be Lionwolf/AkakiosxTalyr (a boy/boy) and Philana, another collab-couple with the same creator of Akakios. It's PhilxMontana. Mine is Montana, theirs is Phil. They're a boy/girl pair.

Anyway, if you already know who Lionwolf is, tell me if you have an account. Okay~?

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