a kid from Stateline, NV, United States

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I'm an anime freak. I spend more time reading and watching anime then I do almost anything else. During the winter cuz it's to cold to go outside $!%^ing cold brrrr...Any way. DBZ, DBGT, FMA, Bleach, and many others. Broly and Vegeta. I write a lot of Yaoi (Male on Male) but I right other stuff to. Including DBZ fanfictions on paperdemons and I love metal and rock music like Dope and Five Finger Death Punch. I've spent the last few months exsploring the meaning of life. Havn't found it yet. But when I do...You'll be the first to know. I'm lionniagalactica on paperdemons and have ALL my fan fictions there (Some yaoi, some not.) And if you go to paperdemons and like Yoai read the original fiction...Study Hall by sweetmooncake100

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