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"Im sorry bella that i failed you" - Edward cullen, New moon (LL)

Umm, well my name is Lindsey Stone, i am fourteen years old, i have dreamed of writing my whole life, and am facinated by the harry potter, twilight series and the house of night series. I have a bit of an intense imagination, and sometimes wish i could live in a fictional world. I love animals, would give up £1000 to save a dog. I have braces, yet i dont think they're geeky? i have a few freckles, and medium length dark brown hair. I love bright colours, and couldnt live without my nerd glasses, or my edward cullen sunnies. My room is filled with posters of my dreams, and i could spend hours wishing i was in them. I dont have a lot of friends, just one thats really special to me. Holly i dont know what i'd do without you. Im good with making new friends, even if i dont have many, i think the reason is, people find it hard to understand me, they dont understand the depth of which i feel to some of my .. obsessions? Well, its their loss, they've missed out on what i hope, a loyal friend.




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Im rather laid back, im never mad, and i've never cried in my life. Most people think im pretty unemotional, which i guess i am, though all of the emotion i do have, goes into my writing, oh, and if you dont have much time, dont get me started on obsessions, ive been knows to go on for six hours straight.




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