just a woman from Pinetop, Arizona

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"It's only life. We all get through it." Dean Koontz, Odd Hours

I'm a recently retired expat with a few press cards and writing credits to my name but none in fiction. I've lived in ten countries, not all at once of course, and it's not unusual for me to wake up and have to take a few seconds to figure out where I am. So long as I can still find my way home from the library, I don't worry.

The shelves in my writing room hold 50 craft-of-writing books and one more should hit my PO Box soon. I constantly find something new--for me--in syntax, paragraph composition, story structure, etc. to become overly excited about.  I go on, and on, and on, about -ings and as clauses and paragraph focus in my craftdaftcom blog, which is read by almost no one aside from a weekly visitor from Pakistan. (I've never lived in Pakistan.)

I'm obsessive, passionately so, and am hoping to come across a few writers similarly afflicted. I still have much to learn.

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