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"There is no one thing the human mind can invent from the recesses of its imagination, no matter how seemingly futuristic or bizarre, that nature hasn't already done. Nature was the catalyst of creation, and we cannot comprehend or out think our own creation." H.G.Wells

My last proflie information was rubbish to starting it all again so here goes.....

Hi! My names Ben i'm a 20 year old from beautiful Yorkshire in England, UK. Hobbies aside from writing and reading include coaching rugby, juinor Martial Arts Instructor, painting, photography, abit of drawing and badminton :) I'm abit of a joker as my friends on here will testify I'm sure, I just love to make people smile and laugh and generally make them feel good :)

I started writing when I was about four I think with just a crayon and coloured sugar paper and haven't stopped since! The first real story I remember was one I had to write for an English assignment at school and it was all about pirates and the high seas! (Jerry Bruckhiemer stole my idea!....Just saying)

My real inspiration for writing was the stunning and just perfect work of J.K.Rowling, I read the Philosophers Stone and that was it, I've had a book in my hand ever since reading everything from "To Kill a Mocking Bird" to "The Colour Purple."

I write anything I feel like writing, I love fantasy and Si-Fy but I also love to write historical, fan fiction, crime and even romance sometimes considering what mood I'm in.

Hope you all like my work and would just like to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all the people who helped get me into the top 10! You're all STARS and I hope to see you all in it one day soon :)

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