a 23-year-old cat from Texas, United States

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I'm not a professional writer. I won't pretend to be. My knowledge of grammar and writing etiquette is not perfect. I am, however, a person with a passion for words. Words can do more than most people realize. Harnessing the power of language is an art form I greatly respect.

I try to spend my free time reading or enjoying visual stories; whether that be in the form of video games, or movies. Both can weave tales and inspire new written works to be made. Recently, I found myself reading again for the first time in months. See, I work a full-time job at a veterinary hospital. Dealing with unruly pets day in and day out can suck the inspiration out of you and leave you exhausted. But upon discovering books again, I've renewed my inspiration for writing. Now, you're probably wondering what sort of useless slop I'll pour into the website and pass of for inspired creations.

As for a bit of my background, I've studied English from grade school into college. My major was to be in creative writing but life took me in other directions. I co-wrote for years as a student with a dear friend of mine. Unfortunately it has been a few years since I have been able to collaborate with her and once finding this site only a few days ago, I can say that I am eager to explore the collaborations this site will offer.

So if it suits you, please take some time on my profile here and sort though my miscellaneous writings. I hope to post new works as well as excerpts from collaborations with that dear friend as well, if only to get feedback on past work. Any comments and feedback is welcomed. I'm not looking to publish or slink my way into the writing world unless good fortune sees to it that that is where my path must go next. I look forward to new experiences here.

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